Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) - Philippines

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What is  CHAT?

CHAT is a coalition of civil society and political organizations, concerned with issues on access to medicines, public health and good governance. Bound by a common advocacy, but recognizes the independence and integrity of member-organizations, the coalition is working with Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA) – Philippines to improve access to medicines, promote transparency and accountability, and encourage sharing of information. 


History of CHAT

20 Jan 2009 During the 2nd Annual CSO Workshop of MeTA Philippines, an interim coalition of 22 civil society organizations was formed.
19 Feb 2009 The coalition made a  pre-Organization Meeting, and adopted three additional member CSOs 
06 Mar 2009
  First General Assembly Meeting was held and adopted the name Coalition for Health Advocacy and Transparency (CHAT) 
27 Mar 2009
 The coalition had a another General Assembly Meeting, and adopted the CHAT Covenant, and election of Execom 



Short-Term Objectives

  • To enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities of the member-CSOs to participate in the programs of the Coalition and in the advocacies of MeTA;
  • To ensure the sharing of information between and among CHAT member-CSOs and between CHAT and MeTA; and
  • To develop the capacity of the Coalition for more productive engagement with various stakeholders

Long-Term Objectives

  • To become a strong, articulate and credible voice of vulnerable groups that will continuously engage the government, industry and the private sector on vital issues related to people’s healthcare and access to medicines;
  • To be able to influence policy makers and law-making bodies in enacting and implementing measures that will improve the health care system in the Philippines;
  • To be able to influence pharmaceutical industry policies and practices that will promote access to quality and affordable medicines;
  • To work for improved transparency and accountability in the selection, procurement, sale and distribution of essential medicines in the country; and
  • To raise the level of and sustain public awareness on people’s health care and access to medicines, leading to more pro-active participation from the community and society.


The Executive Council

Lead CSO Membership

 Philippine HealthWatch Initiatives, Inc. (HealthWatch)
Policy Advocacy  Ayos na Gamot sa Abot-kayang Presyo (AGAP) Coalition 
Research and Scientific Support
 Procurement Watch, Inc. (PWI) 
 Woman Health 
Ways and Means 
 Cut the Cost, Cut the Pain Network (3CPNet)